[sgroup] Any unique sounds avail. for SP-700?

seamonstersounds at verizon.net seamonstersounds at verizon.net
Sun Nov 19 05:14:32 EST 2006

First-time poster, late to the party.  A friend just gave me her old 
SP-700 (maxed 32MB).  I feel like an archeologist, pouring through 
the SGroup archives, deciphering the cryptic manual, and playing Dr. 
Frankenstein with SCSI peripherals that haven't been out of the 
closet in years.  While I suspect that I may have enough of the right 
hardware puzzle pieces to make it all work, my question boils down 
to: is it worth pursuing at all?

That is, are there any interesting sounds out there that are uniquely 
available in Roland S-series format?  (Unusual, weird, or otherwise 
special?)  If there aren't, I should prolly remain content with my 
E6400 Ultra, K2500X, and the few soft sampler progs I have so far, 
and just try to ignore the SP-700... right?

Bonus question:  Am I right in thinking that, using the SMac utility 
program (or something else?), I can make images of the several ZIP 
disks of S-format samples that I got, and burn them to CD-R's that 
the SP-700 will read?

Extra-bonus question:  Anyone have a 600MB SCSI HD they'd like to 
part with for next to nothing?  (I'm in So Cal.)

Hoagie Hill

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