[sgroup] S-760 boot problem

Nic Grant nic at carrot.com.au
Wed Jun 23 05:00:10 EDT 2010

to quote Michael de Oliveira Nicassio:
  => Is there any way I could check this out or get a new eeprom? In Brazil  
  => the chances are really remote of finding it, I sent this unit to a  
  => technicas assistance without success.
  => I am looking forward for any ideas and thank you all in advance for  
  => your patience and interest.

  Hi Michael,

  I don't have a solution to your problem. Looks like you've done everything
  you can, but I do have an opinion!

  If I were in your position I'd probably pick up another s760 on ebay.
  Getting it fixed is going to prove difficult/impossible as you say and the
  repair costs assuming the impossible could be higher than the cost of 
  buying a replacement.


  Nic Grant, Soft Audio, nic at softaudio.com, GSM: +353 87 2300 914

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