Fw: Re: [sgroup] hey guys

Garth Hjelte garth at chickensys.com
Wed Apr 13 03:28:31 EDT 2011

At 11:33 AM 4/12/2011, you wrote:

>I believe there was a guy who worked for ChickenSys on this list - as I
>recall we were always asking him when the S-7X support would be ready and
>he kept moving it back father and father.  So it's complete, huh?  I can
>take a bunch of .wav samples and mass convert them with ChickenSys to a
>media format my S-760 will understand?  I guess I'd still need to do the
>keyboard mapping and do all the Patch and Performance setup myself.

S-7x support has been available for about 8-9 years now.  

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