[sgroup] Effects for S760

Ingo Debus igg.debus at t-online.de
Tue Aug 2 15:54:38 EDT 2011

Am 02.08.2011 um 05:48 schrieb Adrian Gin:

> I was wondering how I can get some 'reverb' for my square wave, at the
> moment it sounds quite 'in your face' due to no reverb, I do make the TVA
> release time a bit longer so it 'fades' out, but what is a method, or your
> method of getting effects such as reverb on top of your sounds?

Use an external reverb? ;-)

Ok, another suggestion: I forget if the S-760 is able to trigger samples on Note-Off, or key-release. If it can, you could sample a few reverb-tails of your samples, and trigger those on note-off. It would probably even more convincing if you don't start the reverb tail immediately on note-off but a fraction of a second later. Just put a small time of silence in front of the reverb tail sample. This would give you an early reflection effect. You can do some weird stuff too this way, like adding a reverb tail with a different pitch, or a velocity-sensitive reverb.

On the S-330 and S-550 it was possible to create a surprisingly well sounding pseudo-reverb only with the amplitude envelope. The envelope was programmed in a way that the volume rose after the key was released and the fell again. Unfortunately the envelope generators of the S-760 aren't so powerful.


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