[sgroup] USB-SCSI

Garth Hjelte garth at chickensys.com
Wed Nov 28 13:33:57 EST 2012

At 12:12 PM 11/28/2012, you wrote:

>I actually have the S-760 going to a Glyph box that contains a 270 MB syquest drive and a CD player.  the connectors on the Glyph box are 50 pin SCSI while the back of the S-760 has the 25 pin connector.  


>I was looking at the item below and wondering whether that would work.  Any idea?

When you say "would work", are you talking about attaching a USB drive to your S-760? No, this does the reverse, connects a SCSI Drive to a USB-outfitted computer.  

Garth Hjelte
Sampler User

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