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Also,  even if you could make this connection, what would you feed the S-760.  Nothing special.  It only likes Roland CD-ROMs.  You would have to "build" a volume on a PC, or, convert another CD from say Kurzweil in "Translator" but you would wind up with the same "Steinway D" sample from "East West".
I have a XV-5080, two S760 and Kurzweil 2500 on the same SCSI bus going into a rack box that holds 1 CDrom and 2 Hard drives, no problems.  The XV-5080 will take the S-760 library (whick the Fantom doesn't) and wave files.
I've never seen the need to change from SCSI.  It's still a fast bus, not a rickshaw.
Randy Hoffman

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>Thanks for that info.  It's disappointing...

Why though? I suppose you are thinking that it gives you access to all types of USB drive methods (SSD, large capacity, etc.) but it's doubtful the S-760 would even recognize such devices. The thought that a SCSI->USB would provide interference between the two is asking a lot.

The S-760 remains in the "other" millennium. =)

>I have a micropolis drive model 3243AV, (inside an enclosure) and it seems to be having some problems. Do I need to replace this internal drive with the exact same drive or do I have options that you know of?

It doesn't have to be the same. Find a fixed SCSI drive on eBay, stay within 4GB or so, taht way you can be fairly sure you aren't getting "beyond" the S-760. Then just replace the drive. 

Garth Hjelte
Sampler User

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